Quantum 2 WindowsA remarkable combination of beauty and strength. Quantum2 windows are handcrafted to meet your individual taste in Amarillo.Quantum2 pg3 top image

The Kensington HPP Quantum2 Series of vinyl windows can help improve the energy efficiency of your home while adding to its curb appeal. Quantum Windows available here in Amarillo, not only give you the indoor comfort you desire but can help reduce your heating and cooling use as well as reduce dust in your home from high West Texas winds. 

Lone Star offers a variety of window styles, the Quantum window series is manufactured to complement your home’s unique decor. Kensington’s Quantum2 windows are stronger and more energy efficient compared to other traditional replacement windows. Each vinyl frame is crafted using the nest extruded virgin vinyl material, fusion-welded at the corners, and milled smooth to produce a clean, uninterrupted appearance.

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Kensington HPP Quantum2 Series Benefits:

  •            Powered by KensingtonGlassTM with Southwall Heat Mirror® technology to boost thermal performance
  •             R-5.9 full frame for double hung windows* 
  •             UV protection reduces damage and fading** 
  •             Virtually maintenance free 
  •            Intelligent window technology designed to keep winter warmth in and summer heat out
  •             Handcrafted classic designs that increase the beauty of your home 
  •             Blocks noise levels better than single pane windows 
  •             Limited lifetime and glass breakage warranties 

*Based on KensingtonGlass option selected. Visit www.KensingtonHPP.com for details.

**Based on UV protection data listed on the Heat Mirror website.

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Energy Efficiency Numbers Headers

Full frame window values versus Center-of-Glass (COG) values: Poorly insulated window frames can transfer unwanted heat or cold into your home. That’s why it is important to know the insulating capabilities of the entire window, not just the center of glass. Full frame R-value or U-factor indicate how well an entire window is insulated.

U-factor: Measures how well heat is transferred by a window and can affect heating and air conditioning costs. The lower the U-factor, the better the insulating properties.

R-value: R-Value is a standard measure of heat loss through a partition, such as a wall, window, or door. The higher the R-Value, the better its insulating properties.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Measures the percent of solar heat that actually enters through a window. The smaller the number, the better the window is at preventing solar heat from entering your home.

Visible Light Transmission (VT): Measures how much light comes through the glass. The lower the number, the less visible light is transmitted.

UV Blockage: Measures the percentage of damaging solar radiation that is blocked and not allowed to enter your home. The higher the percentage, the less fading and damage to your furnishings and carpeQuantum pg6 Bottom left image2Innovative Window Technology Header

NumbersSouthwall Heat Mirror technology glass packages match the insulation characteristics of triple-pane glass without any of the design limitations and weight issues typical of triple-pane glass systems.

A combination of inert Argon or Krypton gases is used to ll the glass cavity based upon glass selection. These harmless gases provide superior insulating capability against the transfer of heat or cold from the outside.

Offering greater durability, strength, thermal insulation, and corrosion resistance than traditional aluminum frames, the Kensington HPP‘s Quantum2 vinyl frames are made from extruded virgin vinyl and fusion welded at all corners, making them permanently air and water tight.

Low-E coatings are applied to the lm and/or glass to help reflect heat back to its source and block damaging ultraviolet radiation. Radiant heat from within your home is reflected back inside, keeping your home warm in the winter. Solar radiation from the sun is reflected away, keeping it cooler indoors in the summer.

The spacer system in a window is small but can significantly impact a window’s overall insulation value. Every Quantum2 window features a warm edge spacer system that reduces condensation, improves thermal efficiency, and helps maintain indoor temperature.

The combination of thermal coatings, Southwall Heat Mirror technology, insulating gases, and a warm edge spacer system creates unique high performing glass packages that are designed for your specific home and climate.

Anatomy of Energy Effeciency

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Advanced Window Design Header

Quantum pg7 top right imageKensington HPP’s Quantum2 Series Features: 

• Powered by KensingtonGlassTM with Southwall Heat Mirror technology to boost thermal performance*

• All-point, fusion-welded main frame and sashes for reduced air and water in infiltration

• Maintenance free solid vinyl lineal that never peels, cracks, or needs painting

• Foam filled, multi-chambered frames for added insulation

• Anti-microbial weather stripping inhibits the growth of mold and mildew

• Slim interior sash design allows for greater glass area

• Triple seal weather stripping on sashes keep air and moisture out

• Durable 3/4” stainless steel constant force balance system allows for smooth one-handed operation

• Heavy duty bug screen frame with fiberglass mesh resists holes and tears

• Multiple color and hardware options

• Exclusive continuous sash interlocks help reduce drafts and provide for an added measure of security

Circle Features

Double Hung Header
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Deluxe Vent Limit    Easy operating deluxe vent latches limit movement of lower sash to restrict the size of the ventilated opening. The vent latches snap out to let in the evening breeze.

Recessed Tilt Latches     Aesthetically pleasing latches allow you to clean the glass safely from inside your home by utilizing the tilt-in sash feature.

Performance Enhanced Sashes    Easy operating cam lock and keeper secure and seal both sashes, reducing air in ltration at the meeting rail.

Triple Weather Stripping    Upper sash sits tightly in the head of the window. Triple weather stripping on upper and lower sash and foam lling improve energy performance.

Unique ILSTM Interlocking Sill    This feature engages the sash to the sill with a sash overlock, a compression bulb seal, and reduces the risk of water in ltration and greatly improves the insulating power of the window.

Six Degree Sloped Sill    The six degree sloped sill provides the ideal angle for water runoff and will prevent water damage to the surrounding window structure.

3 Circle FeaturesStealth Locking System    The cam action mechanism is hidden for a contemporary and clean design.

Sliding Windows HeaderQuantum pg9 top imageQuantum pg9 center imageCIrcle Pressure Fit

Pull Rail & Twin Tandem Brass Rollers    The full length pull rail and twin tandem brass rollers located near each corner of the sash allow it to glide effortlessly across the sill. The easy-to-clean sill track maintains the smooth, one-handed operation throughout the life of the window.

Extruded Pressure Fit Screen    The integral dual screen track anchors the screen into place. Featuring an integral finger-lift slot for easy operation.

Elegant Sash Rails    Designed to be highly durable with a clean design, the Kensington HPP’s Quantum2 series sliding window sash rail will ensure that the focus of your window is where it should be – the view.

State-of-the-Art Design    Our traditional sliding windows are designed to provide energy efficiency and ease of maintenance by allowing you to access and clean the exterior panes of glass from inside your home.

Bay, Bow & Garden Header

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Operating Mechanism

A sophisticated operating mechanism maximizes the sash opening for full ventilation. The easy rotating, fold-down lever moves the sash with a simple one-handed operation.

Continuous Interlock System

When closed and locked, the casement window is secured with a continuous interlock system. Continuous interlocks at sash meeting rail as well as our exclusive bottom sash interlock create a weather tight and secure seal. With the ip of a single lever, the casement’s locking system is engaged. When fully closed, the mechanism activates the continuos interlocks and securely anchors the sash in place.

Folding Handle

2 circle lockingConvenient folding handle allows for simple, one-handed operation, then folds at to minimize obstruction of blinds and draperies.
Unique Design

The casement’s distinctive design allows you to safely and conveniently clean the outside panes of glass from the inside of your home.

Bay, Bow & Garden HeaderQuantum pg11 a imageQuantum pg11 b image

Bay and Bow Window Features

  • Bay windows available in 15, 30, 45 and 90 degree configurations
  • Bow windows available in 3-, 4- and 5-lite layout
  • Bay and bow windows available with casements or double hung window styles
  • Internal, concealed turn-buckle/cable support system for superior structural integrity is standard
  • Windows are mounted to structural wood support (timberstrand) providing superior strength
  • All exposed exterior wood members protected by rigid vinyl capping system
  • Roof and other exterior support accessories available
  • Insulated 2-7/8” thick super seat for a R-7.5 rating

Insulated Seat

Your bay or bow window comes with an insulated seat board comprised of a three-layer base. An interior layer of 1-1/4” furniture grade oak or birch veneer is ready for staining or painting. An exterior supporting layer of 3/4” marine plywood is separated by a 1” structural foam insulation layer that protects your home from the weather.

Options for Bay and Bow Windows

  • Dupont Corian® seat adds beauty and durability. Available in Cameo White and 5 decorative colors.
  • Maintenance free laminates available on the seat or all interior surfaces.
  • Please ask your dealer about factory staining as well as a variety of Corian and laminate seat finishes.

Garden Window Features

  • 1-1/8” premium grade cabinetmaker quality oak and birch veneer for superior quality and aesthetics
  • Side casements are hinged on the outboard jamb to provide maximum ventilation