Damaged windows on your home?

Damaged windows due to a hail storm can cause moisture and air infiltration through the cracks and dents in your damaged window. This, at minimum, will create higher energy bills and, at worst, create an opportunity for the growth of mold and mildew inside the walls. AHHHH! But how do you really know you have any damaged windows and if so…what are your next steps?



Do I need to just replace the screen?

Typically with a hail storm we see all levels of damaged windows. The first thing hail damages on a window is usually the screen. Screens are generally a simple fix and can be replaced with minor knowledge of tools (See our how to video). In other cases the hail may damage the aluminum frame around the screen. When this happens your insurance adjuster should pay for a complete screen replacement and not just the screen materials. It’s important to remember that even though it’s functional, if there is any dents it needs to be replaced.

Can I replace the glass inside the window?

If the hail is large enough the next thing your damaged window may need is the glass. There are many types of glass in residential homes. Most homes built before the 1980’s that still have the original windows have a single pane. Single pane windows are generally simple to replace glass in and can be done at a low cost. Home’s built after the 1980’s have a variety of different types of glass and most of the time can be replaced with a knowledgeable contractor. On the newer homes or houses with windows that have already been replaced, it may be a little more difficult to get the same glass options without going back to the manufacturer. Remember, do not attempt to replace the glass yourself without the proper tools and safety equipment.

Are my windows beyond repair?

There are many times after a hail storm a window can be overlooked because there is no glass damage, there have been many cases where everything looks fine but there may be a hairline crack in the frame that you may not notice until there is water damage to the wall long after the hail storm. Damaged windows could just be cosmetic. If your window has any form of cosmetic damage (other than the screen) your insurance policy should replace the whole unit. The important thing to remember when your not sure of the scope of the damages to call someone you can trust to look over your house and communicate with the insurance company.

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