Damaged siding on your home?

Damaged siding is often found on one side of a home’s exterior, leaving homeowners with the problem of matching replacement siding to the color and material of existing siding. Not only can this cause issues in the energy efficiency of your home, you have to worry about color and style…AHHHH! But how do you really know you have damaged siding and if so…what are your next steps?



I don’t think my vinyl or steel siding is damaged?

When hail isn’t that large it can be very difficult to determine the scope of the damage or even if there is any damaged siding to begin with. If you are concerned about making a claim and would like a professional opinion, it’s a great idea to call a siding company that deals with this on a daily basis. In most cases, they will not charge you to come out and take a look to see if you have any damaged siding for a recent hail storm.

It doesn’t look that bad, can I just leave it alone?

Visually, damaged siding may be easy to live with it, but it is important to remember that damaged siding can have cracks that will allow moisture to rot the wood that you don’t see. If this is the case, it’s a problem that will cost a lot of money when you do find evidence of water damage. Also remember that it will be more difficult to get your insurance provider to pay for damages caused by the damaged siding.

How do I know if I’m getting enough money from the insurance claim?

This is usually the biggest worry for people we come into contact with. Always remember you have insurance to get your home back in the condition it was before the hail. In some cases you will have the necessary funds to cover all the damages and other cases you may not. The adjuster that determined the damages and payment to you has a lot of areas of a home he has to have general knowledge of. Someone that deals with damaged siding on a daily basis will sometimes catch damages that can be overlooked and supplement the insurance provider. Also make sure the contractor doing the work has a general knowledge of the software program the insurance provider is using (or uses the same program) this will insure the cost of the damages won’t be an issue.

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