Damaged gutters because of a hail storm?

Hail can wreak havoc on your home’s roof, siding and gutters. After a hail storm, it is important that you look for any damaged gutters, because it can leave your home vulnerable to leaks and other problems. Your gutters have a greater chance of suffering damage with large hail, such as golf-ball sized or larger, but smaller pellets can still be detrimental…AHHH! But how do you really know you have damaged gutters and if so…what are your next steps?



My gutters still work, do I need to replace them?

This is a question that we get asked a lot. It’s important to know your insurance is there to get your house back to its original state weather or not it’s still functional. True, your gutter system may still work, but cosmetically, a gutter is the first thing you see and if you don’t replace them within the allotted time you will loose the insurance funds. This can present an issue if you decide to sell your home down the road and the inspection requires them to be replaced. Its always good idea to take care of it early and fix your damaged gutters.

I have vinyl gutters, can I upgrade to seamless aluminum gutters?

With the big hail we get in the Texas panhandle, it’s not uncommon to see golf ball size holes in damaged vinyl gutters. We get asked a lot if there is a free upgrade to aluminum gutters. In a lot of instances if the company is doing several trades it can be done with a generous contractor. It’s also good to remember any upgrades made to your home will only increase the value and in some cases lower your insurance premium.

I’m not sure the insurance paid enough to replace the damaged gutters?

In any insurance policy it’s important to know that the scope of damages that the adjuster left is only a estimate not a final payment. Don’t ever let the estimate that was left by the adjuster make you think you have to find a company to do all the repairs to your home with only the payment the insurance gave you. An experienced contractor will communicate with the insurance provider in a professional way. Remember, adjusters have every trade of a home they have to have knowledge of and most contractors specialize in just a few areas (windows, siding or gutters). Be careful to pick a contractor that either doesn’t deal with the insurance company, or wants to take advantage of them. Communication with you the insurance provider and contractor is vital to getting your home back to its original condition.

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