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Moore Oklahoma Tornado

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVE-hn0Cc1c[/youtube]Me and some friends went to Moore Oklahoma to bring water, clothing and other supplies. I was amazed at the amount of stuff that had already been donated, really good to see people helping each other in a time of need. Thank all of you for your donations. Abram

Windows and The Oregon Trail

Windows and the Oregon Trail: It is a with a sudden change of weather when you notice your windows. Yes, the old windows needed to be replaced when you first moved into this house some years ago, but that was something that would have to wait. Now, with every passing season, you notice more and […]

Make Your Home More Energy Saving

Make Your Home More Energy Saving and Have Lower Utility Bills! Are your summertime electricity bills high? I mean really high? A friend of mine told me his electric bill is almost $500 a month during the summer. That is outrageous. There are many ways for us to make the best of our home. One […]

Window Designer

With all the technology available to us, wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to envision what new windows might look like in your home before you buy? Well we have just such a program CLICK HERE to start using the program, or if you would prefer to see a video on how to use […]

Fixin' To
Fixin' To
Window Designer


How to replace Revere window sash

Sometimes it’s necessary to replace a sash in a window, for instance let’s say you were showing your son how to do the Crane Kick from the Karate Kid (I’m just sayin) and perhaps the years have not been kind to you and have rendered you a bit less flexible than you were when the […]

Tool Tip (Makita Drill Batteries)

POWER TOOLS!, 2 words that make anyone from the professional to the DIY weekend warrior dream about building a moat and trebuchet for his castle, or at least think about how cool those power tools would look in your mancave . When I started in the remodeling industry I was about 15 and I was […]

Remodel Your Home’s Exterior

Remodeling Your Home’s Exterior You just walked outside and noticed that your home is beginning to look a lot like the antique dresser that was in your grandmother’s house. Cracked and discolored on the outside. It is time to get your curb appeal on and take the time to cover the old with something new. You […]

4th Generation Farmer

What do you think of when you think American farmer? For me it’s someone who is hard working, creative, and resourceful, those are exactly the characteristics of Lucas Spinhirne. His Great Grandfather settled in Vega Tx to start a life of farming many many years ago, so it is safe to say that farming is in […]


To Paint or Not to Paint

WORTH THE INVESTMENT? Last summer, the paint was peeling badly on the south and east sides of our house. Those sides get a lot of sun. The sun, combined with exposure to the rest of the weather all year, wears down the paint quickly. It had only been three years since I had the house painted […]