What do you think of when you think American farmer? For me it’s someone who is hard working, creative, and resourceful, those are exactly the characteristics of Lucas Spinhirne. His Great Grandfather settled in Vega Tx to start a life of farming many many years ago, so it is safe to say that farming is in his blood.

Lucas was showing me  around his farm when I noticed a hay trailer like I have never seen before, it had an engine on top with a lot of hydraulic  hoses going to and from the pump and a control board which consisted of several switches, so what makes this trailer so special? It is home made, Lucas wanted a quicker way to haul the big round bales of hay from the field to the farm so he started thinking and planning followed by hard work and some trial and error. The way he use to haul hay was by driving to the field with a trailer, get out of the truck, climb on the tractor, load the trailer, get back into the truck and haul it to the farm. The way he does it know is with his new self made trailer is he backs up to the bale of hay,  flips a couple of switches from in the comfort of his truck and loads the bales, he then drives to the farm and flips some more switches to unload the hay.

For me it was refreshing to see that there are still people out there that “make things work”, when met with a challenge they think, “how can I make this work?” instead of, this will never work. That is the kind of attitude I could use more of in my own life.

Here is a short video of Lucas talking about farming life and the siding work we did on his home.




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